1st week back to school

So this was our first week back to school at Texas State and boy can I already feel the pressure piling onto me from all the assignments we have to do and that are due quite quickly as well. However, despite that, I think that it’s going to be a decent semester! So what we did in our Artt2372 classes this week were that we made a tiny sculpture with two copper wires,LED lights, and a small battery. At first, I was somewhat confused as to what tinkering with lights and wire had to do with art(actually even now I still don’t get it) but it occurred to me that it had to do with finding a way to make something work even when you think that it doesn’t work. You see, I could light up the LEDs with the batteries on it’s own but when it came to lighting up the LEDs with the copper wire attached to them that’s when it wasn’t really clicking in my head for some reason.

Then I decided to change which side of the wires touched which side of the battery and that worked! So then I made another figurine with more than two lights, but it didn’t want to light up as the copper wires were touching even whenever I tried to keep them from touching so half of the lights were lighting up and the other half weren’t.

On the second day of class, we did a small activity where we rolled a die and put whatever we got on a separate piece of paper and then we put all of our papers together and shared what we did with the class. What we saw was that everyone had a different way of doing this assignment such as some people did theirs in a somewhat more orderly fashion like a list while others had a chaotic drawing of sorts. What this taught me was that even though people are given the exact same assignment, most people will give it their own creative spin on it. So that’s what we’ve done our first week back and I hope everything goes well this semester!

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