Toy hack(pt 1/?)

This week in class, we worked on disassembling toys that we had brought from home and trying to make them do things that weren’t exactly what their original purpose was. What I brought from home was a stuffed rabbit and there wasn’t much to the rabbit besides stuffing so it was a boring toy to start off with, but then one of my classmates gave me the idea to combine it with her toy truck so that it could move on it’s own and make noises too. We took apart her truck, which was much more difficult than what I originally thought it was going to be, some difficulties that we ran into were figuring out how to get the battery pack off of the base of the toy truck without damaging the wires, and another one was how to fix the wires when they would come apart from the base of the toy truck. We eventually attached the wires back by using a small machine that would heat up and heat a piece of wire to make a bead to connect the wire back to the base of the toy, which unfortunately worked only for a short time as when we were putting the rabbit around the base it stopped working all of a sudden but hopefully we can figure out how to make it work again so that it can be a 100% functioning amalgamation of a rabbit and a truck.

I was honestly really excited about getting to put my toy rabbit together with a toy truck of all things due to it’s wacky appearance and while I was just going to originally just try to just put something simple in it like LEDs or a simple motor to try to make it move, I’m glad that I tried putting it together with the truck since it added a level of difficulty that I wasn’t expecting at first. I wasn’t expecting to actually have any difficulty with this but the challenges are what make learning a lot of fun especially trying to get over those rough bumps and seeing an amazing product in the end.

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